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Our capacity to learn is as large as the reality that we allow ourselves to contemplate or think about. Acquiring new tools and skills is a way to grow which helps us to improve our professional performance and our emotional intelligence. But the one thing that sets the difference between learning and moving forward is to realize that there is so much that we don’t know—and so much to discover.

We are committed to both the development of individuals and corporate entities. Our mission is to awaken and keep awake our capacities to learn, develop and implement coaching and leadership programs, as well as sponsor other people and training programs that align with our mission.

The story of our future is written in the present moment. In each and every one of our decisions that we make in the exact moment we make it writes that future. After that everything becomes an illusion.

The synchronicity of the universe comes from our attention to it, not from an obligation. The universe is “friendly” but not our servant. It offers us the challenge to see the enormous range of possibilities not fulfill our desires.

Our decisions and the actions that come from them are our only way to interact with reality. It’s the material that is available to us to create.

Next programs

From Shame to Authenticity

What we propose to carry forward in this series of workshops is to raise awareness about that shame that begins to be present in our life since we are very young and free ourselves from the pattern of hiding our true self in order to receive validation from who we really are. Freeing ourselves from the pattern of shame of being who we are will allow us the validation and recognition that our person deserves to be received by the part of us who most needs it.

Clark Friedrichs / Pedro Martínez Marín.

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We are proud to have the most professional people to help develop the best in you.
Clark Friedrichs
CEO, Manager and co-founder
I am committed to discover, explore and experimenting with the geography around us as well as the world of ideas. I believe that any theory must be tested in order to confirm that it’s real. We can use maps to go from one place to another, but it doesn’t reveal the what’s really in the landscape. The mad scientist in me compels me to get lost in order to discover what has yet to be written.

Sergio Blancafort
Partner & co-founder
I am committed to the discovery and understanding of human nature and everything growing on our planet. I´m mesmerized by the conversations beyond words and look for and am responsible for nature’s invisible intentions that take us a little bit farther. Every step in the evolution of consciousness brings solutions to our greatest challenges.  

Pedro Martinez Marín
I consider myself a researcher of human nature. I like to find and share the immense richness of the being. I research and discover to know myself better and in this way be able to help others to discover themselves, get to know themselves, fall in love with who they really are. I am fascinated by the articulation of body language with artistic languages, both plastic and theatrical.  


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