Pedro Martinez Marín



I consider myself a researcher of human nature. I like to find and share the immense richness of the being. I research and discover to know myself better and in this way be able to help others to discover themselves, get to know themselves, fall in love with who they really are. I am fascinated by the articulation of body language with artistic languages, both plastic and theatrical.

My experience as a multidisciplinary artist has allowed me to realize the great potential that exists in them as a door of discovery to our subconscious, something that we can apply for therapeutic purposes to any human being in the personal, creative or business areas.

I am an executive and life coach and  facilitator, been trained by CTI (Coaches Training Institute, USA), I also graduated from the CTI Leadership program and the Somatic Leadership program by Strozzi Institute (USA), I am Postgraduate in “body and art” (Alas, Barcelona).

To reconnect with our most creative part is to return to our origin, to that moment in our lives when our curiosity had no limit and was not conditioned by external judgment, nor by the one that we have later acquired on us.

Our more visceral (authentic) and possibly forgotten part is the one that will allow us to get in touch with the full potential of who we are, even if we do not know it previously.

I believe with blind faith that every human being deserves to overcome the intrinsic shame that lives – often hidden, masked – within each one of us, to find the true validation and to be able to live a full and happy life.