From Shame to Authenticity

What we propose to carry forward in this series of workshops is to raise awareness about that shame that begins to be present in our life since we are very young and free ourselves from the pattern of hiding our true self in order to receive validation from who we really are. Freeing ourselves from the pattern of shame of being who we are will allow us the validation and recognition that our person deserves to be received by the part of us who most needs it.

In the first stage, we will begin to create awareness of the shame that tormented us in childhood. We will look for the acquired messages that we inherit mainly from our parents, school and society at that stage and look at how they have impacted our lives to the present moment.

In Stage 2, we will look at the “survival” toxic strategies that we have developed and that we have been carrying with us since childhood, into adulthood and sometimes never growing out of.

This stage is the point of consciousness in which most people are and often stay throughout their lives.

The third stage we will visit is a deconstruction of all the above to rebuild us from acceptance and authenticity to learn to receive validation directly towards who we are, and be able to live an authentic and empowered life as we will do in the 4th stage.

The course is imparted in experiential format, sharing a safe and courageous space.

There will be a lot of movement, art creation, storytelling and camaraderie, since the same closed group will gather throughout the course. We will come into contact with powerful strategies to liberate our ability to work, love, raise and live in freedom.

“If we want to change our lives, our relationships and even the world, we need to begin by understanding and overcoming the shame that keeps us silent.”

(Prof. Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize, 1997).

“Shame is the silent epidemic”
Brene Brown.

Clark Friedrichs / Pedro Martínez Marín.

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